Prince Charming Part 4

It was my twentieth birthday and I was without family alone at college in Iowa. In my family birthdays are BIG. We are always together and we really celebrate. My Dad, Steve, teases me sometimes about how much I love my birthdays, he calls it “the week of Sydney,” because we usually celebrate that long. My sister knew how sad I was about not being home so she flew all the way from Nashville to Minneapolis and then drove three and half hours through rural Iowa to get to me. She had been dating Eric for a few weeks and he offered to come with her and drive her to my school.

My day was going great and I couldn’t help, but wonder why Eddie hadn’t called or texted me yet. In the back of my mind, I of course thought well maybe he sent me something and he was waiting for me to get it and text him, but nope, no gift, no text, no call. Around one he finally sent me a text “happy birthday”, that was it. I thought what are we strangers now? I brushed off the odd text and continued on with my day anticipating the arrival of my sister.

Hours flew by and finally my sister was in Decorah. I walked outside to meet her and her new man. It was so great to have Jess in town to spend my birthday dinner together and not to mention meet her new handsome boyfriend.

I talked with Jess and Eric about my situation with Eddie, they both told me to just wait until he wrote me again that there was no way that he wouldn't write me especially with it being my birthday.

Jess, Eric, about fifteen of my closest girlfriends and I all headed to Mexican for dinner. It was so much fun having all my girls together chatting, telling stories and laughing, but of course in the back of my mind I kept wondering what had happened with me and Eddie, What was wrong, why hadn’t he called today? While dinner was winding down my phone went off, I looked down and saw that he had sent me another text, “how’s dinner?”. I handed my phone to my sister, not knowing how to respond, She told me not to reply right then, I was in the middle of dinner and could reply later, he could wait a few minutes on me.

Jess and Eric came back to my dorm room, sang happy birthday and enjoyed some cake (that my mom had sent). They had to get back on the road after cake since Eric’s place was a three-hour drive away and it was already dark. We said our goodbyes and I went back to my room.

Eddie did not call. A couple days went by and nothing. I texted him and asked what was going on, he explained to me that he didn’t like to talk on the phone. Didn’t like to talk on the phone? What happened to calling me every night for months talking until two in the morning, was this a new thing that he didn’t like to talk on the phone? Then, our texting began to slow down as the days went on as well.

I was pretty heartbroken over him; I didn’t want to do anything. I listened to Taylor Swift’s album and only wanted to study. My girlfriends tried to get me to go out with them on the weekends, but I just wasn't in the mood, I missed my Eddie.

After a couple of weeks I decided I was going to stop letting this boy rule my emotions, I told my three best girlfriends we were going to the University of Minnesota for the night, and that’s just what we did. We got all packed up and headed down to Minnesota. My friend Megan grew up right next to the U of M so we stopped at her parents house got dressed, and I drove us all to a party. Of course on the drive all of a sudden Eddie calls. Why is it when you are finally moving on and trying to forget the past, it always comes knocking at your door? I answered and we fought, I told him what I was doing and he told me I was trying to make him jealous and yelled at me and I began to cry.

Once we got the house party, I was exhausted from my call with Eddie. I also did not want to be in a house full of frat bros either. I drove back to Meg’s moms house and went to sleep.

Months passed with not a word from Eddie. My heart was broken.

I wondered if I’d ever get over him, if I’d ever understand what happened. I thought this man was my prince. I thought about our magical first date under the stars on the football field. Would he ever come back in my life again?

He did.

To be continued….

Austin Payne