Disaster Date

Blind Date Disaster Part One

(It was that terrible I couldn't post it all on one blog post.. Will post the rest in a few days)


I’m the girl everyone wants to set up on a blind date.  This blind date disaster is courtesy of Eric, my sister’s boyfriend at the time. Although Eric and I hadn’t gotten to know each other well, he was still up for the task of finding me a man. I have to cut him some slack for the set up because of this and because I don’t think he ever hung out enough on a personal level with this guy to get what a disaster it would be if we were put together. The guy’s name, Joe.

So, it starts like this…


Eric gives Joe my number. Joe lives in Minnesota and I live in Iowa where I’m attending college. This seems like a nice fit because we are in driving distance of one another. We chatted on the phone and texted everyday.  We seemingly are hitting it off and decide to meet one another before I head back to Texas for Christmas break. I was so thrilled to go and meet this new man and spend a fun weekend together in the city.


After my hour and a half drive I was starting to get a little nervous. He called me while I was parking my car and came out to meet me in the parking garage. He was very tall, it wasn’t love at first site, but he was attractive and I was excited to get to know his personality more.


For dinner Joe and I decided to drive over to a wing spot and get our food to go. While we drove to get our dinner Joe sang song after song to me with a coke bottle in hand. I was laughing a lot and trying to get past my nervousness.


The night was pretty uneventful thus far. We chatted and ate our wings back in the hotel room. I never really get nervous about being at a hotel with guys because they don’t expect I’m going to shack up with them. That’s one of the nice things about my “current status.”  Joe mentioned an old girlfriend that he dated for a few years even though it took him six months before he was ever attracted to her. I found that odd. I’d hope a guy that I was dating would be attracted to me upon seeing me for the first time. Anyway, I was ready for bed and Joe had gotten us a room with two beds. So, I crawled into mine and shortly after he crawled into my bed as well and put his head in my lap and looked up at me and started chatting away. He was so very loud and started to sound like when you have your earphones in and don’t realize that you are the loud annoying person yelling in public. I tried to look past it as Joe was nice enough, but all I could think was how in the world am I going to get this boy out of my bed and into his own. Eventually after saying I was tired a handful of times he got the point and moved over to his own bed, and here’s where things start to turn. Joe and I share a long stare and then all of a sudden like a light bulb went off, he says, “that’s it! That is whom you look like! My ex girlfriend.”  He then leaned over and handed me his phone so I could see a photo of her he had pulled up. Yes, it was the girl he wasn’t attracted to for six months into the relationship.

On that note I rolled over and went to sleep.


To be continued...

Austin Payne