My Almost Prince Charming Part 2

I didn’t hear from Eddie until around 6 o’clock the following night.  I had my phone attached to me all day hoping he would text or call me. When Eddie finally texted me he said he was so exhausted from practice and had a paper due at midnight, but that he would probably watch amovie later. I responded and told him I loved watching movies.


My sister and I finished watching a hockey game and then she brought me over to his place.


When we pulled up, there Eddie was standing by the college apartment entrance looking so confident, and handsome in his sweats.  I couldn’t help but get a little nervous when I was getting out of the car, there was something about him that did that to me I wasn’t sure why, but I liked it.


Eddie and I headed up to his room, I was so excited to hangout with him again.

We walked in and sat down on his bed and started looking over the paper he was suppose to be writing. This wasn’t the most entertaining thing to do so I decided we should create something on garage band instead. He pulled garage band up and we started to record our voices. We both teased and made fun of each other and made a video promo for a scary movie. I couldn’t stop laughing, it was so easy and so fun with him. He and I had the exact same sense of humor and could make fun out of any situation. We turned our voices into chipmunks and listened back. This date was so simple and to others, may not even be considered a “date, “ but laying in bed and playing on his computer together was just as fun as laying on the football field and looking at the stars with him. All I needed was Eddie with me and it would quickly become my favorite date.


After an hour had past we decided to watch a movie on Netflix. We were laying on his bed and I kept hoping he would kiss me. Finally he started to look at me and leaned in for what I thought was going to be our first kiss. I started to lean in as well and then he turned his head! TURNED HIS HEAD!! I looked at him and said “Are you kidding me?” He started laughing and said “Oh! You wanted to kiss me? Is that what you thought I was leaning in for?” He then started to lean in again and I pulled the same stunt on him and turned my face. Finally after the game of turning ourfaces he kissed me. It was worth the wait. His was the best kiss I had ever had, his lips were so soft, our lips fit perfectly together.  


Very late that night he took me back to my sisters. We sat in the car saying our goodbyes, oh how badly I didn’t want to leave him. I was so afraid that I’d never see him again. He got out of the car with me and kept kissing me goodbye and then finally I walked away.


Days, weeks, and months went by and we talked every single night for hours. I would sit in the hallway of my dorm and talk to Eddie until 2am. I was never worried about having to wake up early in the morning for class I was a smitten kitten.


We talked about everything you could imagine. We had so much in common; his brother is in the NFL and we both could relate to how hard it was to meet people that weren’t set on using you because of the connection. I loved that with Eddie that wasn’t even a thought, I knew he was dating me because he wanted to be with me and there was no other reason.


It was hard not being able to see Eddie every day, but I was so crazy about him that distance only made my heart grow fonder.


Two months later I was back in Nashville and ready to be back in Eddies arms.

To be continued….

Austin Payne