Drunkie Same Part 3

It was a beautiful Sunday; Jess, our friend Rachel and I were all headed to a football game. I knew I’d run into Sam there, as he was “best friends” with many of the guys on the team. Sam loved attention and having eyes on him, I usually turn red when that happens to me. We were complete opposites. Sam found me from about 10 rows back at the game. He quickly spotted me from an entire section over and was waving me down, to the point of people tapping me to let me know my boyfriend was trying to get my attention. Sam obviously wasn’t giving up on me even after my awkward “no” to his kiss last night. My goodness, this was going to be a long game.

My sister told me was I was being rude and that I should go meet him up at the concession, and so I did. When I got up to see him he introduced me as his girlfriend to three of his buddies. I immediately corrected Sam, “We are not dating, nice to meet y’all”. And with that I headed back to my seat. (I mean Honestly we had been on one date and it wasn’t even the best date, it was quiet awkward at times.

I thought after my comment Sam would back off some, he did quite the opposite. Once the game was over it was like he wanted to play his own version of football with me, chasing me around and trying to hug me on the field as I ran away from him. Sam just couldn’t catch a hint. He flashed this smile, a smile that made me so uncomfortable, and declared, “I’m not ever going away.”

I needed Sam to go away and to go away soon. So I decided I was going to have to start acting a little crazy in hopes that I’d scare him away.

After the game, Jess, Rachel, Eric and I all walked into one of our favorite Denver restaurants, Jing. There are very few restaurants in Denver that are this yummy and able to accommodate large groups. A hand full of Eric’s teammates were all there eating, and guess who was at the end of that table? Yup, SAM. We sat down at the end of the table with everyone and I of course had to be right across from Sam. He was so loud, embarrassing me, and telling everyone about him and me. I lost it a little and decided to point out his drinking problem, “Hey Sam, you really think you need another drink you have, one, two, three, four, five, six glasses in front of you, don’t you think that’s enough?” haha! Everyone was shocked by my comment, Sam wasn’t though. He told me, “You can say whatever you want, and I’m not going anywhere. I’m persistent”. He then proceeded to get up and sit next to me and put his arm around me. Sam was crazy which brought out the crazy in me; this was a bad mix and unlike the liquor he was guzzling down, it would not get better over time.

To be continued….

Austin Payne