Bing Part 3

Bing treated me the way I always wanted to be treated by a guy. He was sweet to me, allowed me to be myself and was always up for any of my silly ideas.

When we first started dating, Bing told me his sister was engaged. I knew her wedding day was shortly creeping upon us and I secretively hoped he would ask me to go with him. Once again Bing did not disappoint. I was overjoyed when he asked me to be his date and knew it would be a great opportunity to meet his entire family and see his home. That can often tell you a lot about someone.

Our drive to Kentucky was a blast; we played games the entire way and laughed until we cried! The smallest things with Bing were always fun. When we finally arrived at his parent’s house I became nervous to meet them. I wanted them to like me especially since I liked their son.

His mother met us at the front door. She was the sweetest lady! His entire family was great. They were so loving and welcoming. I thought it special to meet the family for the first time a day before their daughters wedding and for them to welcome me with open arms.

We all went to the rehearsal dinner where I met more of the family. I met his Meemee and Meemaw, the sweetest and cutest grandmothers. They epitomized what you’d always want in a grandmother. They hugged me and made me feel so welcomed and loved. I thought if Bing and I were to ever break up, I’d miss these sweethearts. The rehearsal dinner was very lovely and I had a wonderful time meeting everyone. I couldn’t wait until the wedding the next day.

On the day of his sisters wedding everyone was hustling around to make sure the day was perfect. Bing was in the wedding party so I wasn’t with him for the majority of the day. I got to spend my day with his sweet Meemee. She and I set up the lunch for the bridal party. I had so much fun spending time with her and helping put things together. I helped his mom put other last minute details together as well, I really felt like part of the family. This was something I had always hoped for…
The wedding was beautiful. I learned they were both waiting for marriage, which was really wonderful and special! We had an amazing day and I felt blessed to have witnessed such love.

During our trip in Kentucky, Bing asked me to be his girlfriend “officially.” I kind of assumed we already were but I appreciated the formality of it and of course said, “yes.” I began to wonder if this was it, if he was the one, if these feelings were “enough.” I really cared for him, loved laughing with him, loved how he accepted me and made me feel good about myself. I also loved his family. Something was missing, but I couldn’t tell what….As we approached Nashville; I decided to enjoy the present and worry about the rest tomorrow.
To be continued…

Austin Payne