Disaster Date part 2

Blind Date Disaster Part Two

The next morning Joe and I went to Toys R Us to collect toys for a toy drive. The idea seemed fun and I though it sweet of him to take the time to shop for kids. Turns out, he actually behaved like one. He was so incredibly loud, running around the store like a toddler, and drawing unwanted attention to both of us. I felt like I was babysitting him. I realized I was spending time with someone who caused me to be more serious just to offset his child like behavior. I was bright red with embarrassment and suggested we go to a movie just so I could get him to quiet down.

We made it through the movie and headed out to dinner, but at this point I was starting to shut down a little. I had never been out with someone who seemed so young, loud and childish. Not to mention the fact that he had basically said he was not attracted to me as I looked just like his ex-girlfriend.

We walked into the restaurant and were about to sit down when he looked at me and of course said very LOUDLY, “Are you not into me? Do u not like me? Should we just not eat?”  I turned a brighter shade of red than in the toy store. Everyone within an earshot was staring at us because once again he is making a scene.  Taking on the serious one role again, I calmed him down and hushed him and asked him to just sit down and eat. We headed to our table and ordered. During our meal he had many odd conversations starters and thoughts. Below are just a few:

"I need a tough girl, you know one that won't complain. Like while she's giving birth I need her to not complain or cry."  (Kill me now)

"I want to get really drunk tonight. Like I saw a liquor store.. I think we should get a bottle of vodka and drink it together." (Really, Eric? This is my match?)

"Did I tell you, you look like my ex girlfriend?" (Thinking the vodka is a good idea now)

"Let's get in the hot tub tonight…that way we can get really drunk that much faster. 

 Yea! We can drink the vodka in the hot tub and get just shit faced." (Not a lot left to say at this point)

I excused myself after comment number five and called my Mama in the bathroom asking her how in the world do I end this date and get back to school?!!!  I tell her he wants to get drunk with me and then us stay in the hotel together. My mom said after dinner I should just tell him I’m uncomfortable and that we shouldn’t be hanging out in a hotel room so soon after meeting and then for me to get the Hell out of there. I agreed and was glad to have the voice of reason in my head.

 I finished up my phone call and walked back to the table. 

I’m greeted with another of Joe’s brilliant ideas, "Maybe I'll just get beers and drink that instead of vodka." (I just can’t)

Finally we finished dinner.

As we walked back to our hotel I explained to him what my mom said to tell him. He quickly agreed with me and said in his loud enthusiastic voice that he wasn’t comfortable at all either and thought us leaving was a GREAT idea too.  We went back to the room, I packed up Daisy (my baby blue convertible bug) and drove away.

About an hour in, for the first time in my life, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw red flashing lights. It was the PoPo.  Unfortunately, the police officer was a woman so I had zero chance of talking my way out of the $150 speeding ticket she gave me.  I sat in my car and finally just cried. I cried because of the ticket and because I hated being so alone. But, I also knew that alone was better than the train wreck I just left named JOE.

Joe continued texting me after that weekend. He truly thought I was just not ready to meet that soon and that we still had a chance of a future together. He eventually got the point and the texting slowed down a little. However, somewhere in the course of our texting he decided he had broken MY heart. 

Just a short few months later he started dating someone,” Facebook official! “She was eighteen and he was twenty-four. While Joe was dating this young lady he continued to send me snap chat selfies with his shirt off and continued to text me.

 (see below)

As far as I know, they are still together and he still believes I want him.  

Where oh where is my Prince Charming? Stay tuned…..

Austin Payne