And then there was Bing

And then there was Bing


Bing was the most different man I’d ever dated. I honestly don’t have a type or as the songs says, “I ain’t got no type,” ha ha. If someone asks me I usually just say tall, but even that wasn’t the case with Bing. He was around 5”9 and couldn't have weighed more than twenty pounds more than me. He had long dirty blonde hair that took much time to fix so that it appeared to just fall that way around his face. He had scruff on his face and wore that cool rocker jewelry. He sometimes borrowed my hair ties to pull his hair back and surprisingly was able to pull it off. Bing was in a rock and roll band and they were feverishly trying to get a record deal.


Bing and I met on my birthday. We went to a concert with a couple of friends. I remembering thinking he was really hot, but not really my type.  After spending a little time with him that night he became my type, he was so sweet, funny, and very different from anything I’ve ever dated, I liked that. When I got home from the concert that night he texted me, and that was how our friendship began. (It’s one of the best feelings when you get home from hanging out with a guy and your phone lights up with his name as you're laying in bed running through each and every detail of the night with him). 


Two days went by and I was headed over to my girlfriend’s house to hangout with her and her boyfriend and hopefully Bing. We spent about an hour laughing at YouTube videos, before Bing walked into the front door. I couldn’t help but get nervous and found a reason to leave the room. When I like a guy, I’m not one of those girls who flirts and winks, I get awkward and turn red and won’t look up. That’s exactly what was happening with Bing and me. I got so awkward and didn’t know how to act around him; I wasn’t my bubbly, vivacious self. We all listened to music for a little while until Bing and I were finally left alone. He and I stayed up all night talking, which was the very first time I had ever stayed up all night. I can’t remember anything specific that we talked about, but I remember we couldn’t stop talking and laughing. Bing and I had very good chemistry and connected easily and very quickly. He kissed me that night, and he was an amazing kisser.


That night was like was the turning point for me. I felt we were a couple. We spent so much time together. He would hangout with my family and help out when I was watching my niece. We would go out with friends or if he was getting in late at night from a show I’d go to his house when he got home, we truthfully were always together. I could be myself with him, I could act like a crazy person and he would just smile and say funny comments. He never wanted me to be anyone, but myself and that was a first for me. He never took advantage of me either, I have the tendency of wanting to take care of and do anything for my man, which usually gets me in trouble. Bing was different he didn’t want to use me or hurt. He never got weird around my sister or her husband either. It gets hard dating sometimes, guys always want to compare themselves to him or compare our relationship to my sister and brother in laws, which usually eats them up with jealousy and ends the relationship. Bing was different. It was so refreshing to explore this new mysterious band guy. He was cool and kind and interesting and I couldn’t wait to see where our future was headed.


To be continued…..

Austin Payne