Almost Prince Charming Ending

Eddie and I were finally living in the same city. We both called Nashville home. He and I would text each other occasionally, but didn’t speak that often. Even though we barley spoke, my heart would still sink every time I got a text from him. I believe Eddie had so much control over me, because I was crazy about him, we never had proper closer, and because he continued to tell me that I was going to be his wife and the mother of his children.

After being in Nashville for around five months he asked if I wanted to hangout. I of course being on the fence and very nervous about what I should do, asked my sister for advice. She told me that if I was uncomfortable hanging out with him to just invite him over to the house, we could walk the dogs, hangout outside and just keep it real casual. I liked that idea and the idea and the comfort of her being around the whole time as well. So I decided to give it a go. I texted Eddie back and told him to head on over to the house.

I was so nervous waiting for him to arrive. Time passed by and finally he pulled up in the driveway in his black truck.

Eddie walked up the front steps and….


Truthfully Eddie didn’t look like my Eddie. Eddie had changed. He looked so different than what I had remembered. He wasn’t as handsome as I remembered him being, which was so strange to me because my Eddie was quiet the hunk. His face had really thinned out, his body seemed different, he just seemed so different.

He and I headed to the back porch where he got into the pool and I sat and watched him swim. His whole demeanor seemed to have changed, the way he carried himself changed, nothing about Eddie seemed like my Eddie. Honestly it felt like a huge weight had been lifted, I almost could laugh at how I was afraid ten minutes prior to him arriving. How could I have let this man all this time control my emotions, control the way I felt, make me cry myself to sleep all those nights? How could I allow him to convince me that no man was good enough for me but him? What a joke this all was to me now. It was like a bell went off, and I could truthfully see who Eddie was now that I wasn’t letting my emotions blind me. Finally Eddie ole buddy had zero control of my emotions. I had my epiphany.

Eddie hung out at the house with us a little longer, but Jess, as always was hungry so we all got in the car and went off to eat at PF Changs. As we were driving I stared out the window looked back on our tumultuous relationship. It dawned on me PF Changs was the first place Eddie and I ate at together and I knew in that moment it would be the last.

After lunch and after hanging out at the house a bit longer, Eddie finally left and went home, but not without informing me that he was once again single. Poor Whitney. I felt sorry for her. She wasn’t the other woman, neither was I. We were both the object of his manipulation. I tried to call him out on his behavior when we were dating, but he dodged it all and had an explanation for everything.

Later that evening, I found out he was lying, of course. Jess and I face timed with him and took a screenshot of the Face Time and put it on our instagram (being funny). Minutes later, Eddie called, he was livid and demanded I take the post down then blocked me and Jess on social media. I guess he didn’t want his girlfriend to see he was Face timing another woman or his ex. Eddie, true to form was lying. The next day Eddie posted many photos of him and Whitney, writing under the photo how much he loves her.

And, with that, the final chapter was written and the book closed.

It feels wonderful to be free of the emotional baggage of my not so prince charming. I am grateful for the lessons that I learned and the mistakes I made because it is all part of God’s Plan in preparing me to meet my true love all in His Time.

Austin Payne