My "let's make love" Man

I met Mark at his holiday work party. I was actually invited by his teammate Tom, whom I was meeting for the first time after their game that night. I twitter flirted with Tom a few days before and he asked for my number and then later invited me out to his game and Christmas party. 


A few of my girlfriends were dating some of the guys on Tom and Mark’s team. I met up with the girls and headed to the game to watch their men and my potential man. 


After the game we went to the bottom level of the arena and met up with the guys. This was going to be the first time I met Tom and I was feeling pretty nervous. I was not only meeting this man for the first time, but I was also meeting him in front of all of his buddies who were aware of the situation. 


We met, there weren’t many fireworks involved.He was nice, but pulled out his “mary-jane” as soon as we left the facility and that kinda turned me off right away. I was twenty and he was in his late twenties. Right after meeting him I wasn’t really that into him anymore, and I think Tom felt the same way about me. Tom and I were pretty different from one another and not the type of different where opposites attract, different like peanut butter and ketchup.


We all went back to the guys apartment and waited for the party bus to arrive for the Christmas party, which turned out to be a bar hoping party. After about forty-five minutes the bus arrived and we all headed out. 


I got on the bus and to my surprise saw a tall, long haired, light eyed man, Now, he was my type! This man was so handsome and then he opened his mouth and he had an accent. His name was Mark, was originally from Sweden, was 6”6, and single. We chatted all the way to the first bar


When we arrived we all got off the bus. However, I was the only one who was twenty and unable to get into all the bars which meant my butt was getting back on the bus and waiting. Mark saw this and went back on the bus with me so I wouldn’t be alone; we danced, chatted and laughed the entire night. 


When we got back to the apartments and were getting off the bus, Mark asked for my number :)


A week later Mark got a call that he was being pulled up to the NHL team which for Mark was wonderful, but for me ,meant I wasn’t going to be able to get to know this man or so I thought.


Mark and I video chatted every single night, he texted me all day during his breaks and called me when he was done with work. It got to the point where I knew when to have my phone at certain times of the day because Mark would be texting me soon. 


A little over a month went by and unfortunately for Mark he got pulled back to the AHL which was sorta good news for me as I finally got to see him again. 


The night he flew home I drove over to his house and watched a movie with him on his couch. He kissed me. I really liked him. I liked that we were able to be apart for a month and really get to know one another. 


The next night I assumed Mark would take me on a date since we hadn’t technically really hadn’t had one yet, but I was wrong. I drove to his place thinking he was taking me to dinner, but once again we watched a movie.


During the movie he started to kiss me and feed me the most ridiculous, laughable lines I have ever gotten from a man. He kept trying to convince me to sleep over with him. Here’s how it went…




“Please just spend the night, I don’t do this with a lot of girls”. 

(Do what with a lot of girl?!?) 


“You should feel really special right now, please don’t leave just stay with me” (I should feel special? HA!) 


“I want to make love to you”. 



“Stay with me, you really should feel special I don’t make love with a lot of women”.




Finally after his many attempts to get me to stay I walked out the door got into my car and texted him.

I was too shy to flat out say "I’m a virgin" and felt like a text would be a little easier. I sat in my car and constructed my text. 




“Look, I’m a virgin and if you are only trying to have sex with me then I’m not the girl for you as I am waiting for marriage”.


To my relief he wrote back and said, “I am so sorry that’s what you thought. That doesn’t matter to me at all. I am so glad you told me”. We wrote back and forth a little more, he told me to drive safely, he would talk to me tomorrow and to have a good night.


The next day his lunch break rolled around and nothing! He didn’t text me, he usually wrote me every day at lunch and after our texting conversation last night I was a little concerned that I had scared him off. I kept telling myself I’ve known this man for a few months, we video chatted everyday, and his text messages back to me last night were nothing to be worried about. I usually would get insecure about telling guys I’m waiting for marriage because it usually does scare them off which is incredibly ridiculous. Waiting for marriage should be something to be proud about, something a man loves knowing that you will be his one and only, but unfortunately I haven’t met any of those men.


I finally wrote Mark at five that day and asked him what his plans were for dinner tonight, which I already knew and was already invited to. His roommates girlfriend was going to make the four of us dinner. 


Mark never responded to me. I never heard from Mark again.



Where oh where is my prince?

Austin Payne