My almost Prince Charming part 3

My next encounter with Eddie was over Easter break. I flew down from college in Iowa to stay with my sister in Nashville. After spending some time with her, she drove me over to Eddies place where he met me at the bottom of his building. He was as handsome as I remembered so tall and confident. He and I went up to his room and immediately started to kiss. Eddie was such an amazing kisser I was so happy to finally be back in his arms it felt so right, felt like where I was supposed to be. After a while, we walked over to his roommates room and introduced me. (I always feel like it’s a really good sign when a man wants you to meet his friends).


We left his place, got in the car and drove around. After driving around for a little bit he told me he knew exactly what we were going to do. He took me to the walking bridge in downtown Nashville. Eddie and I walked around on the bridge hand in hand and chatted away. We sat down on a bench where I leaned in to kiss him, and then fire works began going off. I was so happy, I felt as if I were in a dream.



Eddie and I waited near the walking bridge for my sister and her friend to meet us so we could all go riding around on our mopeds. While we waited we played the hand game where you place your hands on top of each other’s and move them quickly without getting slapped. During our slapping hands game a group of elderly people came out of a building where they had just watched a performance. Eddie teased me and said we were like an old couple together, especially because of the way we held hands (I would always just hold a couple of Eddies fingers, instead of his whole hand).


We finally met up with my sister and her friend. We all rode over to Sambuca for some hot tea. During the many conversations my sister started to talk about my past relationships and how they never seemed to work out with the type of boys I dated. It made me uncomfortable to talk about my ex’s in front of Eddie as if talking about them would cause my relationship with Eddie to fail like all the others had. I think he could tell I was getting upset and uncomfortable because he grabbed my leg squeezed it and looked at me and smiled. He had a way of putting me at ease. Eddie walked away to go to the bathroom. That was his excuse to so thoughtfully slip away to pay for our tea.


Eddie and I went back to his place after Sambuca to watch a movie. I fell asleep in his arms and woke up in his arms the next morning.


It was Easter, and after church Eddie came over for an Easter brunch at my sisters place. He was so cute trying to help us cook in the kitchen. He and I walked down to the grocery store to grab a few things we needed to finish lunch. He complimented me on my dress on the walk to the grocery store, he always seemed to find something about me to compliment me on, I liked that about him. I never had a guy compliment me more than once, but Eddie did every time he saw me.


After brunch Eddie and I crawled into my sisters guest bedroom and watched a movie together. I remember continually holding onto to him, I think because I was so afraid I’d lose him. Things with Eddie always seemed too good too be true.


Once our movie finished, I walked Eddie down to his car and kissed him goodbye. He asked me what I wanted to do tonight; he assumed I wanted him to take me on a date and of course I did.


He came back that night and picked me up for our date. He had showered, and got dressed for our date; he looked so cute! We went to dinner at PF Changs and then walked around his campus for a little while.


The next day I was leaving again and going back to school, Eddie was only able to drop by my sister’s place for fifteen minutes between classes to say goodbye to me. I hated leaving and dreaded every minute of it. Luckily for me shortly after my goodbyes with Eddie I received a notification that my flight got overbooked and I had to stay one more night in Nashville. I texted Eddie to let him know, but oddly he didn’t reply back until about midnight. We had just spent the whole weekend together and he had thought I was already gone, so I tried not to worry too much.


He wrote me back around midnight and came over around one am to stay with me at my sisters. He had to be up very early the next morning for lifting, I walked him down to his car at five am and said my final goodbye to him.


After I left Nashville our texting and phone calls began to slow down. Two days later it was my birthday and I hadn’t heard from him yet.



To be continued….

Austin Payne