Helpful Tools for Planning your Wedding

Future Mrs Planner
is an amazing wedding planning book to get your hands on!
I have always been a big planner so this book has been perfect!
Empty boxes to check throughout the planning process, Ah! I love it!

Portable size of 7”x9” with durable hardcover
White coil binding for ease of flipping
8 inspirational illustrations
8 pockets for receipts, vendor business cards, and pamphlets
Tabbed sections for locating information easily
Detailed checklists for each planning stage
Monthly calendars with to-do task lists
Budgeting worksheets
Vendor worksheets for your venue, photographer, cake, caterer, decor, florist, stationery, musicians, hair stylists, officiant, wedding planner, and more!
Registry checklist
Wedding party contact information and assigned responsibilities
Emergency kits checklists
Helpful etiquette tips and words of encouragement to keep you going!

I've always wanted to get married at a specific venue (not telling) since I could remember, but I wanted to make my wedding planning as easy as possible. When I realized that they didn't provide a wedding package I could pick from & that I'd actually have to plan my wedding...
I immediately got discouraged.
I started looking up new ideas in different countries and different venues.
My fiancé called me and said "STOP! You've always wanted to get married there & We are getting married there. Get a planner and lets do it!" He's incredible like that!

So I suggest y'all to get a Future Mrs book and if you can, also get a planner because they'll be your life saver (it has been for me).

Other Tools That I've found helpful

  • Don't procrastinate! Stay on top of everything.

  • Make decisions. Go with your gut!

  • Decide how much y'all want to spend on your day!

  • Create a secret Pinterest board. Secret board because you don't want all of your guest seeing exactly what the wedding will look like. I like the idea of some what of a surprise for the guest. I always tease Anthony and tell him it'll be a surprise party to him lol.

  • Pick a DATE! What works best for the two of you? Is there a special date for y'all that means anything?

  • Start creating your guest list! You'll end up editing it many times, but once it's finalized start asking for those addresses! Helpful tip for finalizing your list.. think of your closest friends and family, think of who supports your relationship, who you wanted to tell you were engaged to first and who called you to congratulate the two of you!

  • Book Ceremony and Reception location.

  • Start booking everything! (music, food, floral, etc.) Make decisions and stick to it!

  • Save The Date! I think it's good to send these especially if your wedding isn't in your hometown!

  • ETSY also has been a saver! Thank you cards, bridesmaids gifts, decoration ideas... Etsy has it all

I've really enjoyed wedding planning so far! Remember to ENJOY this process of planning! You have been waiting for this special day for a long time. Stay on top of everything and you won't get stressed out (or you won't get stressed out as much haha)! This is you and your fiancés special day! There is no guideline to a wedding just a bunch of tools, suggestions and hints to help you. Do whatever makes sense to the two of you because at the end of the day that's all that matter.

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