Living in Japan

Japan was never on the top of my list for places to visit, but after living here I highly recommend you add it to yours.

Japan is stunning, everyone is so friendly and the food is amazing!
There have been so many times where I've been lost and a random person has come up to me and tried to help direct me in the correct direction. I've even had my taxi driver drop me off and I (with my hand signals) asked where I was suppose to go. He got out and walked me to the front door.
There are tons of different parks, castles and shrines to visit and explore.
I always end up coming across something beautiful!

ramen, salad, beef bowls, yakiniku, curry, sushi
The food is so good!!!!!
Yakiniku means grilled meat in English- beef tongue and diaphragm are my favorite!
I will say if you love sushi in America, you may or may not love it in Japan.
It is so fresh!!!!
I feel like I'm on Fear Factor every time we go get sushi haha
After two months of being in Japan I gained 8 lbs haha yes the food is that good!

The differences between Japan and America.

  • Everyone stands on the left of the escalator, the right is for passing and walking down

  • At restaurants the waiter won't come up to your table and greet you until you wave them over.. Which I LOVE!!!

  • You take public transportation just about everywhere you go!

  • Water glasses are mini glasses, they don't fill cups up all the way either.. I feel like a fish with the amount of times I have to have it filled

  • Karaoke is in a private room with just you and your friends. It is so incredibly fun!

  • At restaurants, they bring your food out when it's ready, they don't wait for all of your tables meals to be ready

  • The eggs are very orange on the inside and taste much better

  • On public transportation it is very quiet and clean. There are signs that say to refrain from talking on the phone. There are seats just for the elderly and pregnant women

  • There are rooms just for nursing your baby!

  • The toilets are electric, the seats are heated

  • At baseball games, there is a band playing the entire time!

  • The children will take public transportation all on their own.. You'll see four year olds on the subways by themselves! It is so safe here

  • The washer and drier is a two in one machine.. it is also a wrinkle machine that doesn't really dry your clothes haha

  • The microwave and the oven are the same

  • TSA is SOO NICE!!! They will help lift your bags, they are so patient and so kind! It shocked me!

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