Ending to Sam

My final dating entry:
I’m not sure what I was thinking, but after that horrible evening at dinner with Sam, I saw him again. I went on a handful of dates with Sam, I even babysat his dog, It’s almost as if I was hoping feelings would develop for Sam, I was hoping he would eventually become the man of my dreams.

Sam loved attention. He hung out with a certain crowd and loved telling everyone who they were. Sam and I were very much the opposite of one another. He would get so angry with me for small things. For example, one evening he got mad at me for not letting a random friend of his pick me up for a date because he didn’t feel like having to drive to get me, he then yelled at me, turned his phone off and sent me an email telling me how immature I was for not allowing this random friend I had never met to pick me up, and how difficult I made things for him that evening. He had a temper and drank a lot, never a good mixture. I do wonder, if he was in his early 20’s if I would have believed he was just immature and would change. Either way, I couldn’t be with someone like that no matter how much I tried to focus on the good side of him.
Yes, Sam did have a good side, he was persistent and he really liked me. My mom always says give a guy a try if he really likes you as he has the great quality of recognizing you are a special person. (Obviously that isn’t enough, but worth giving it a try!)
While seeing Sam I made a huge mistake of giving him try after try. I should have shut it down after the first date, but then again we all make mistakes. I can say I at least didn’t make the mistake of ever kissing Sam. Thank Goodness!
As I look back on my dating journey I reflect on the advice I have been given by my family and friends and realize the best of it is this...

“Someday your prince will come. It will be in God’s Time, not yours and he will be worth the wait. Every frog you kiss, every heartbreak you experience, every lesson you learn are all meant to shape you into the person you need to be in order to receive God’s Gift of true love.”

Thank you for reading my stories, it has meant so much to me.

Keep saying your prayers.

Austin Payne