My Almost Prince Charming 

Eddie and I met like many young women my age, on Facebook. I sent him an instant message explaining that I was looking into transferring to his school and wanted to know more about it from a students’ perspective. My sister actually knew his brother; otherwise I wouldn’t have just messaged a random.

By the end of our aiming he asked for my number and if he could take me on a date. I realize it isn’t the most exciting “meet cute,” but it worked. I felt pretty clever because I had chosen the hottest guy from the school and he was game. No pun intended.

The night that Eddie asked me out, I already had a date. It was a double date that my sister and I had planned. It’s like when it rains it pours, or it’s dry like crackers.

Luckily, Eddie had practice and wouldn't be free until later that evening. So my sister and I decided to choke down an early bird on the double date so I could get out in time for my date with Eddie. I wasn't really interested in the guy I was being set up with (simply because my eyes were now set on Eddie) but I agreed to go since I could fit both dates in the same night. The double date was rather insignificant, until Eddie called just as the date was ending.

I let Eddie know where I was headed next. I forgot to mention my sister and our dates were headed there as well. I assumed he would wait in the car and call me when he arrived at the pick up location, but I was wrong. I walk out of the restroom at the dessert shop and there he was…6'3 handsome and tan leaning against the wall confidently waiting for me. I made a beeline for him. We shake hands and walk out of the shop. I was so enamored by him it escaped me that my double date “date” watched the whole thing go down. My sister was quick on her feet and covered for me, said Eddie and I were old buddies catching up...

That’s where that relationship ended and a new one began.

Eddie and I went off on our date. One of the best dates I've ever had. He tried to take me to dinner at Virago, a nice sushi spot in Nashville. I asked him, “are you sure you haven't eaten dinner because I already have.” He laughed it off and said he had already eaten as well. I loved the ease at which we communicated although had only just met. We got back in the car and we headed off to get a little frozen yogurt. He was very clever and took me on a walk with our yogurt that led to his school and to the building I was planning on majoring in. We continued to walk around and he continued to talk about how great his school was and attempted to convince me to transfer.

We hopped back in the car and drove around so more. I told him which ways to turn and we just drove and talked and laughed. Finally he drove me to his school, but this time we were at the football stadium. The doors were locked and I thought we were about to sneak onto the field. But, he surprised me again when he strolled right up to the gate and punches in the code. I liked this guy. Nobody ever surprises me, at least not in a good way, but Eddie had. We walked out to the field. He grabbed my hand and smiled. We lay in the middle of that field, right on the 50-yard line and looked up at the stars, hand in hand and heart to heart. It was my perfect date and he was the perfect guy.

To be continued…

BeautyAustin Payne