Drunkie Sam

My day started out beautifully. It was Sunday and I was headed to a pre-season football game. My sister and I usually attend the games together, but she was out of town for work, so I was on my own at the game.

I found my seat, sat down and noticed the seats to the left and right of me were both empty. This never happens, because my sis is usually next to me of course, and we are always late to the games so the seats around us are almost always filled. I thought, this could prove to me interesting, waiting to see what characters would end up next to me.

Well, interesting wasn’t the description I would use for the guy who sat next to me. His name was Sam and I am not exaggerating when I say that was the worst game I’d ever sat through and it had nothing to do with winning on losing on the field.


Sam was an odd character. He stared at me out of the corner of his eye for what seemed like the entire first half of the game. I knew he wanted to chat it up and I was trying my hardest to focus on the game and not on the burning eyes next to me. Sam was very loud, he used the game as an excuse to speak so that everyone around him could hear him. He was that guy that said things so you could hear him because he though he was saying really clever things. He wasn’t. He talked and talked to everyone around him and stared and stared at me hoping I would make eye contact with him. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and spoke directly to me.

He asked me if I knew one of the players as I was sitting in the family section, he went on to tell me how he was buddies with all the guys. I continued to watch the game and he continued to chat, chat, chat away. He was tying to be sweet offering me everything possible to eat at the game; Do you want any food? Do you want a beer? Do you want ice cream? Do you want a snack, anything? It seems great, like that scene in “The Break Up,” with Jen Aniston and Vince Vaughn, but something about him was creepy although I couldn’t put my finger on it.


Finally the game was ending and he knew that if he didn’t get my number now then he never would. He told me he was going to a party after the game and that I should really go, but that he’d need my number to contact me and make sure I knew where to go. I laughed it off and kinda blew him off, but he continued to try and get my number. He said every year after this game me and the guys throw a big party at my buddies place and you should really come, but you’re going to have to give me your number. At this point we were standing up and headed to the tunnel, I laughed it off and walked away. I went with my gut and it told me to stay away from him. However, about a month later,my sister was at the game walking to her seat when she heard her name, “Jessie!”Sam found my sister and was waving her down. Shewalked over to him curious as to why he wanted to speak to her. He had a tone in his voice as if he actually knew her. He told her he knew me and that we had met at the game last week and wanted my number. My sister unknowingly gave my number to Sam and told me he was nice and handsome and I should give him a try and that is how my “relationship” with Sam began.


To be continued…

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