Things are moving too fast boy

For about a week, a mutual friend of mine and Curly’s was trying to set the two of us up. I wasn’t necessarily attracted to him, but consented hearing how incredible his personality was.

I met Curly at a party, he seemed nice and was very funny, and that made him immediately attractive in my book. We hung out the entire night laughing and drinking wine, too much wine. He became more and more handsome as the night/glass went by. We decided to take a photo together and the people taking our pic told us to do a dip kiss. I laughed it off and figured we wouldn’t do a photo like that, but he dipped me and kissed me right away. I have never kissed a guy on the first date, not sure if you can even call us hanging out at a party a first date, but that was a first for me. He was a great kisser which continued to make him cute throughout the evening even more. We went to dinner and then went dancing the rest of the night. I had a blast!

Curly texted me almost every day. We hung out about six times over the following two weeks. I know some people will think I’m being dramatic, but it’s like clock work once I’ve hung out with a man for two weeks he will either: A. End things because he’s not ready for anything serious & thinks thats where we are going since he can’t have sex with me until marriage and he wonders am I really ready for marriage? Do I want to get married quickly? His answer to that of course is, Nope. or B. They’re not worried about any of the above. Ha.

Curly’s excuse to why we were ending our friendship is very laughable.(I usually get the I completely respect you waiting for marriage and that has nothing to do with why this won’t work out. AKA This is completely why we won’t work out and I previously lied to you to not come off as a douche bag.) Here are few text messages between me and good ole Curly “ending” whatever we were in his mind.

We never spoke again after these text.

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