Finding For Your Wedding Dress

The day many of us girls dream of finally came to fruition for me, shopping for my wedding dress. As I write this, I still can’t believe it! I am so overcome with love and happiness.
It is very important to remember that when shopping and planning a wedding. It’s easy to get stressed out.

Many thoughts were running through my head while searching for the dress of my dreams, "Will He love this? Is it too puffy? Can I dance in it? Is this one THE one?”

Your wedding dress is the dress you get to marry your soul mate in. You want to make sure every detail about this dress is down right perfection.
In almost all of my photos I have a serious look on my face, because I am contemplating all of the questions above.

My journey began in a little shop in Dallas, Texas. My sister started her tour in Texas and she, my mom and I thought that the perfect place to start the search for my gown as well.
I've always heard, "The dress you think you want won't end up being the dress you end up loving", so true, Ya’ll. I tried on many princess dresses (what I had always dreamed of), but didn’t care for them. My sister begged me to try on a dress that I absolutely did not think was my style, but once it was on I immediately started to cry. It was so beautiful and I loved it. I tried on a few more but kept going back to this style that seemed to fit my body best. After I had tried about 10 dresses, we had some cupcakes (always food with us) and I had my measurements taken. My niece was being a little bit of a Cuckoo bird and we were all a little flustered and felt I shouldn’t make a final decision yet. I kept this dress on the back burner and continued my search.
Last week, I did something I never thought I would, I tried on wedding dresses in Japan. Conveniently enough, there’s a dress shop next door to my apartment. I tried on many dresses and once again went towards the same dress my sister had picked out for me at the first shop.
I decided to show Anthony photos of many dresses online to see if he picks the same dresses as me; he does. So, I know I’m on the right track. I haven't fully committed to a dress yet, but I am getting really close to saying YES to the dress!! Wish me luck!
Holding each of you in my prayers that if you wish and hope for your prince he will come. (and remember to be patient, it’s all in Gods time!)

Love from Japan,

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