Drunkie Sam Part 2

In case you have forgotten about this one, Lord knows I want to,

I’ll refresh your memory. Sam is the guy I met at my brother-in-law’s football game. The one that kept trying to feed me stadium food. (In most any situation I’m down for stadium food, should have known right then, this wasn’t a good idea) But, that’s not how I roll, so a month later Sam saw my sister at a game and asked her for my number and when he called, I answered. I was looking for a good man and he was very persistent. And my mama always says if a man really likes you, shows an interest in you and is trying to make an effort something’s got to be right about him, so I decided to give him a fair chance.

He and I talked and texted for a month before I came back in town to Denver. He told me he was free and could pick me up from the airport and we could go grab some dinner before I headed to my sister’s place.

Sounded simple enough, right? But trust me, nothing was every simple where Sam was concerned. He picked me up and immediately told me a story about his brother needing help moving out of his house before his wife got back and he had to go and help him in thirty minutes. He actually called his brother on speakerphone so I could hear his brother tell him the whole story. To me this sounded like more of an excuse just in case we didn’t mesh well together in person. I was right, after being in the car with me for thirty minutes suddenly he didn’t need to rush to his brother any longer.

He and I went to dinner at this little Mexican spot by the house. When we sat down he immediately looks at the waitress and says, “Aren’t I the luckiest man? Isn’t she the most beautiful girl? Isn’t she? Say she’s beautiful”.

Dear Lord give me strength. I could feel my face flush; I knew I must have turned bright red. That always happens when I’m not prepared for attention to be drawn to me especially without my consent. And, I certainly didn’t want our waitress to feel the need to tell me how beautiful I am.

After dinner he brought me to my sister’s place and as luck would have it I was locked out. I couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone to let me in and that sent psycho Sam into a hissy fit. “Are you kidding me right now? I have to get back and help my brother right now! I had dinner with you and now I’m going to be even more late,” he spewed. I told him he could just leave me outside (there was snow on the ground at this time of year). He said he wouldn’t so we decided to check every door and possible window to see if we couldn’t break in somehow. No luck.

Finally my brother-in-law texted me the code for the garage and I was free to go inside. And then, the switch flipped again. Suddenly Sam, ole’ buddy boy was no longer in a rush. He walked me inside lingered for a little and then leaned in for what he thought would be a hug and a kiss. I hugged him back and turned my face to the side. I mean really, I JUST met him.

I’ve had girls ask me how I can possibly say no to a man and how I don’t feel guilty for turning them down, but the answer is quite simple. If I don’t want to do something with a man then I’m not going to do it. I have no problem turning my face and slapping a hand away.

Don’t ever do something that makes you uncomfortable to keep a guy who is too pushy from getting uncomfortable.

After the awkward face turn, he looked at me and laughed in shock that I could possibly turn him down and with that he left.

The next day was Sunday which meant, game day so I braced myself for what was sure to be another encounter with flip a switch crazy Sam.

To be continued….

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