"Our" favorite toys and new must have products

Here are all of "our" favorite baby products and toys.

Groove & Glove Beat Bo
I keep this one in the car since it doesn't stand up on its own.

Kick & Play Bouncer
The lights on this chair are my daughters favorites.

Gripe Water
Life Saver! It's for baby stomachs and actually teething.

Beat Bow Wow
This brand of toy is our favorite. It sings and lights up!

Tummy Time Prop Play Mat
This mat is so cute and so many toys connected to it.

I know this was on my last baby must have blog but it is a must! Really helps get the poop out haha.

This helps me sleep peacefully at night!

Solly Baby
My favorite carrier! Keeps baby snug

Summer Infant Seat
Great for playing, feeding and helping learn to sit.

My favorite baby products! Wipes, (the best) diapers, bottle cleaner, toy spray- they have it all!

The Baby Shusher sounds like someone is doing the SHHHH for you. Some people wrote me and said why can't you do that yourself ha well when baby falls asleep & you lay her down & walk awake the baby shusher will keep your baby asleep and continue the SHH!


The key to keeping my daughter asleep is three of these haha. I put one in each arm and one in her mouth. She tends to have busy hands while she sleeps. By putting one in each hand she plays with those instead of pulling the one in her mouth out.

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