New Baby Must Haves

When you start thinking about all the different items that you may need for your new baby you may feel overwhelmed.

"What do I really need for her/him?"

There are some items that I registered for that I question why I ever asked for it and there are other items I believe every parent should have. Here is a list of items that I love and why! Hopefully it'll help you too!

Spout Cover-This is great! I never have to worry if the water is too hot or too cold for my baby girl. Makes bath time more fun. SpoutCoverLink

Pacidose: Giving an infant medicine is not easy but with this paci it makes it possible. My daughter actually gets her medicine with this paci instead of spitting it all out.


My favorite clothes to put Brooklyn in are KicKee Pants. They are so soft, stretchy, and adorable! Once you get one outfit you'll only want to buy all of her clothes from kickeepants. It's addicting! (They also have clothes for adults, sheets and blankets. I love the Pj's for myself and the blankets are so nice).


Rock and Play Sleeper- The only thing my baby girl will sleep in. I love that the rocker is at an angle (helps with her reflux). The great thing about the newer version of this rocker is it rocks itself. You can have it rock for six hours or thirty minutes. It has music and sounds to help soothe your baby to sleep. This is a must! rock-n-play-sleeper

Nose Frida- When I first saw this I thought it was funny, but since my nurses said we should get it, I got it! One day Brooklyn was super stuffy so we decided to try the Nose Frida out. It worked so much better than I ever imagined. I sucked through the straw and out came all of her snot! I was able to get all of her boogers out and she could breathe again. You have got to get the nosefrida.

The Windi-
Our pediatrician recommended this product. It is made by the same company as the Nose Frida. It helps your baby pass gas/poop so their tummy's won't hurt anymore. Seriously the Windi works so good. Make sure you are ready for the mess! HA!! windi-the-gaspasser

Johnson's hand and face wipes- These smell like a clean fresh baby! In between bath days we like to use these to get (what we call) her stinky neck. We wipe her down with these to help freshen her up without doing a full bath every day. hand-and-face-wipes

Medela quick clean bags- this makes cleaning easy and quick! (I also use the medela pump and love that as well!) quick-clean

Below is a list of a few other products that we love. I hope this helps all you new mommy's or old mommy's out!

Comotomo Bottle- She loves the shape of the nipple on these bottles. She did not like other brands we had.
Kiinde Warmer- Fits the Comotomo bottles to warm up her milk and any other bottle.
Ju-Ju-Be Pumping Bag - very cute and practical
Lily Jade Diaper Bag- Very nice diaper bag without breaking the bank.
Scar Away- silicone scar sheets, I've worn these for the past week and can already tell a difference in my scar. I had a fat pocket above my scar and was worried it wasn't going to go away. These have reduced the fat pocket! These are a MUST! I found mine on Amazon.
WubbaNub- Our favorite paci! You won't lose it with the stuffed toy on the end. I also feel like the animal on the end adds weight so it won't fall out of her mouth as easily.


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