My almost Prince Charming Part 5


After my last try with Eddie and after seeing his true colors again, I decided to leave him where he belonged, in my past. And the best way to get over a guy is to get under another one. Not really, ha ha, that’s not my style, but I did want to get out there again and distract myself from all the hurt and rejection.

I began to date a new guy, Caleb whom I shortly became crazy about. Eric had introduced me to him on a double date one evening with my sister and him. Caleb was tall, handsome, and blonde. After spending time with him I fell in love with how he could be silly like me, eat candy all night, and go on any crazy adventure I came up with. He seemed to really get me and that felt great.

While dating Caleb, Eddie texted me, but ignored all means of communication with him. When I’m dating someone I am very loyal and I don’t want to jeopardize anything I have with that person, so I ignore every other man who contacts me. Also, I simply become so occupied and happy that I forget to reply back.

I am beginning to realize I tend to look through rose-colored glasses when I start dating someone with the hopes of falling in love. Plus, I like to focus on the good in people. I think I began to do that with Caleb. I thought everything with him was wonderful; we spent every minute together that we could. We went on trips together; and I truly thought things would last. We had been together for four months.

Despite enjoying his company and adoring many things about him, I began to get frustrated with him. I wanted to focus on the wonderful and tried to push aside the rest. That didn’t last very long. I couldn’t understand the path he was following and knew I couldn’t see myself being a part of it and couldn’t help but start pulling away. I think if he was really right for me the decisions he made wouldn’t bother me, but they did. I started to feel less attracted to him as well which is never a good sign. I gave it a lot of thought and realized I couldn’t move past our lifestyle differences, so I had to end it with Caleb.

I then turned to the man I always go back to after a breakup, Eddie. I of course leaned on him and told him everything that happened. He once again was in my life and convincing me that I would be his wife and the mother of his children but we both just weren’t ready for that kind of commitment. You would think after everything that had happened with Eddie and me, I wouldn’t want anything to do with him, but that’s so hard when you’ve only given one man your heart and despite everything he continues to tell you what you want to hear. Though I knew it wasn’t true, I convinced myself to believe in him and us and our fairytale ending

Eddie as always began to tell me how terrible his relationship was and how we should be together. He pulled me along again and I was stuck and following him around like a lost puppy. He had so much power over my emotions, if he texted me my stomach would drop, if he didn’t I’d constantly be checking my phone. After three months of this game I was finally in Nashville for good and Eddie was ready to see me again.

Austin Payne