What is microbalding? Semipermanent brow tattoo that lasts one to three years. It is an embroidery of small, precise strokes that mimic the effect of real hairs, and uses a special microblading pen to individually draw on the strokes. It honestly feels like a small blade scrapping your eyebrows (you can hear it like crunching haha). Is it painful??? At times Yes and at times No. Certain parts of my brow were more sensitive than other areas. Is it painful enough to not recommend it? NO haha.
For thirty minutes you will put on a numbing cream. Once the cream is removed they'll begin to draw on your perfect brow. Once they're exactly how you want, the blading will begin! The process of "tattooing" the brow takes 10-15 minutes. After they've bladed your brow they'll add the coloring on to your brow. The longest part of microblading is the numbing and drawing process.


As soon as I arrived to salon

Numbing haha

Drawing on my brows




Adding the color

After you get your brows done you should be given information on aftercare. I was also given a container of baby shampoo to wash my brows twice a day for ten days. Along with the shampoo, I was given coconut oil to put on after I shampooed.
Lauren (who microbladed my brows) gave me the three freak outs. Pretty much it explains what will happen to your brows for the next few weeks.

  • The first couple days my brows got very dark and I looked like I had baby caterpillars on my face. HA!

  • My brows didn't scab too badly. They itched while they were scabbing but they didn't flake off a lot..

  • Around two weeks is when mine came back with perfect strokes and color.

After you get your brows done you are suppose to go back in for a touch up to make sure everything is perfect. This happens around 6-10 weeks after your initial appointment.

Before & After

I am so obsessed with my brows! I wake up and don't have to color in my eyebrows anymore. If you are in the Arizona area I highly recommend you go to Lauren beauty-bar-glendale She is a brow genius!

Make sure you do your research before you go and get your brows done! Look at many before and after photos.

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